Here we show you the individual production steps of our high-quality STUDIOS TC products.

We produce exclusively in Greece. There, the fabrics are knitted and made up into the respective products. We only use certified organic cotton for our products.

The production starts in the spinning mill. First, the cotton bales are broken down into individual fibers and cleaned afterwards. hen the individual fibres are rearranged and brought into a parallel order on the carding machine. To achieve the quality we strive for, all short cotton fibres are combed out in further processes, giving the cotton a particularly soft haptic.

The cotton fibres are now in a thick sliver which are refined in the so-called “draw frame”. Following the refinement, a roving is spun from the drawn sliver in the roving frame and this is fed to the spinning machine. There, the finished spun yarn is wound onto spools.

In the next production step, the yarn is fed into a state-of-the-art circular knitting machine.

The fabric surface is produced with up to 8000 rows of stitches per minute on the circular knitting machine. Depending on the desired fabric, the stitch size can be changed. In doing so, we can influence the structure and haptic of the fabric and therefore assure you outstanding comfort and the perfect fit.

The fabric tubes from the circular knitting machine are cut open in the next step to form a fabric surface. The subsequent dying in a batch process gives the fabric a particularly consistent colour grade.

The fabric goes through further refinement, which ensures that our products are highly resistant to washing and consequently provide astonishing longevity.

Using a laser cutter, the individual patterns of the products are cut out along our carefully developed templates.

The particular parts are then sewn together by our skilled personnel to form our high-quality blanks.

As a final production step, the products are ironed, prepared, and carefully packaged. So that your blanks are optimally prepared for your finish.